Seamus Fletcher
General Information
Name Seamus Fletcher
Nicknames The Gingerbread Man (by Juliette)
Occuppation Soldier (former)
Status Deceased
Fate Shot by Warner
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair Ginger
Family Unnamed Wife
Nine-Year-Old Daughter
Five-Year-Old Daughter
Seven-Year-Old Son
Miscarried Child
Other information
Appearances Shatter Me
Mentioned Destroy Me
Ignite Me

Seamus Fletcher was a solider of Sector 45 who had been abusing his wife and children. He was shot in the head by Warner in Shatter Me.


Before the events of Shatter Me, Seamus Fletcher was abusive towards his wife and children. He beat them and hadn't fed them in two weeks.

He had beaten various members of his family in different ways. He'd punched his nine-year-old daughter in the mouth, breaking her two front teeth and fracturing her jaw. He beat his pregnant wife so hard she lost their child. He broke the arms of his seven-year-old boy and his five-year-old girl.

Seamus is seen when Warner is addressing the soldiers of Sector 45. He asks him to step forward and Warner announces that he stole food and supplies from storage units dedicated to Sector 45 citizens. Fletcher admits that he did. Thus, Warner shoots him in the forehead. However, later on in the series, Warner explains that the reason he shot him was an excuse and the real reason is his actions towards his family members.

Characteristics Edit

Personality Edit

Fletcher has a aggressive and violent nature; he often beat his wife and children. It is shown that he only cares about himself.

Appearance Edit

Fletcher has been described as looking like a gingerbread man by Juliette because he has ginger hair, ginger freckles, and lips almost artificially red. Fletcher is said to have an intimidating appearance.