It's so nice to finally meet Warner's girlfriend. Oh, wait-I'm sorry. I meant ex-girlfriend.
Lena Mishkin
General Information
Status Alive
Physical Information
Gender Female
Race Caucasian
Nationality European
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Romances Warner (ex-boyfriend)
Other information
Appearances Restore Me
Lena Mishkin is the daughter of the Supreme Commander of Europe and Warner's ex-girlfriend.


Lena was born in Peterhof, a suburb of Saint Petersburg. 



Lena is loud, and is often seen screaming at Warner. She is quite petty, transphobic, and described as a nasty person.


She is described to be tall and very light, from her light hair to her light - almost translucent - freckled skin to her light blue eyes.


Aaron WarnerEdit

Lena is still bitter at Warner after he broke up with her through her mother. Warner described their relationship as purely physical, and he never loved her.

Trivia Edit

  • She is afraid of heights
  • Her hobby is deep-sea diving