Do old friends really need a reason to see each other?

–Haider, Restore Me

Haider Ibrahim
General Information
Name Haider Ibrahim
Status Alive
Physical Information
Gender Male
Race Middle Eastern
Nationality Asian
Hair Brown
Eyes Light Brown
Family Nazeera Ibrahim (sister)
Other information
Appearances Restore Me

Haider Ibrahim is the son of the Supreme Commander of Asia, brother to Nazeera Ibrahim.




He shares a passion for clothes like Warner and appears multiple times in a tightly woven chain link shirt, among other fine clothes. Warner defines him as self-righteous, spoiled, and arrogant. Upon meeting Juliette, he seems very judgmental of Warner's affection for her and questions him about the decision to be with her on more than one occasion. Warner describes him as arrogant and not at all complex as well as self-righteous and spoiled.


Juliette describes him as a handsome man who is tall, brown skinned, with light brown eyes framed by thick lashes. He often is only half-dressed. He also is very physically strong.


Nazeera IbrahimEdit

Aaron WarnerEdit

Warner was one of Haider's closest childhood friends. Nazeera tells Juliette about a time during the previous year, Haider's father forced him through intense training, resulting in Haider beginning to self-harm and develop suicidal tendencies. Haider would reportedly only listen to Warner, who flew out to their sector per Nazeera's request and helped him through the time. Haider speaks Arabic, and often calls Warner "Habibi," which means “my love” in Arabic, but usually not used in an intimate way and used amongst close friends.


  • He is skilled with a sniper rifle, but mediocre at most other things
  • He is a vegetarian
  • He is fearful of driving
  • He is talented at the piano