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• 5/18/2016

Character articles section treatment proposal. ADMINS PLEASE READ!

This thread is for Admins User:Beeper100 and User:Aaron Warner-Perfection; please let me know what you girls think.

This thread wasn't posted earlier because I had to know the result of Thread:4000 first or it would have been pointless to discuss; now that we do know Artist chrysalisgrey consent us to posting her works, I'll proceed this case.

So while I was filtering the images, I realized for some bizarre reason, on Juliette Ferrars' article page, prior to my meddling, the majority of the images in her gallery were actually the ones of her and Aaron Warner, rather than just herself alone, and the same thing happened to Warner's article, not having much of his own images (despite they were definitely uploaded to the wiki as well) but again with images of him and Juliette. To sum up? Images that consist of both of them were likely added to both pages, while images that only contained one of them, the ones that in all the senses are more properly to be, and SHOULD BE, on the respective articles, were not. I tried rectifying the illogical way of organizing the gallery while I'm at it, but it soon dawn on me that there simply would be too many Warner/Juliette images overlapping, since it apparently is the main ship if all the indications weren't misleading.

SO, I've come up with a solution. Before going about it, I'm not sure if I've already mentioned to either of you in the passing, or if you girls remembered, but it is a fact that, unless a wiki reached 50 articles, it will NOT be shown in the "Search" result within Wikia. You can still Google search and this wiki will probably show up, but not when using the search function provided by Wikia itself, which was why at the beginning I kept on asking you girls what percentage do you think this wiki is at towards completion, because I wanted to estimate how likely it was to actually achieve Wikia's standards of being "NOT a small Wiki". After a few conversations I deducted it wasn't likely, and there really wasn't much I can do (and let's face it, if it isn't your concern, then it much less should be mine)

HOWEVER! Here comes a golden opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. I have a few examples, and personally I do not think they are the most well-written articles, but they will suffice. On w:c:thecasterchronicles, there's "Relationship" articles; TBH, that was actually the first time I ever came across articles specifically documenting events between two characters. That series isn't something I'm overly fond of so like this wiki I kind of also can't help verify the content, but here are some of those pages:

Why do I think this is something to consider? Well, I'm not sure if it's because the so-called YA genre actually also attracts audience less than mature, and ONLY focus on relationships instead of individual characters... On my home wiki, ironically it is in fact mostly categorized as "Children's" yet the same thing still happens; I would get a relationship section way detailed than the actual biography section. So after venturing different types of Wikia wikis, I think it's safe to say the "detailed relationships" treatment still appeals to certain crowd, especially for the YA readers.

THE POINT? While I DON'T think it is necessary to create a bunch of pages for every single relationship on this wiki JUST YET, I THINK, given the popularity of Warner/Juliette, THAT specific article is worth giving a go. Not only would it then be the perfect location to host the images of those two specific character, it will also limit the "déjà vu" feeling when you'd only have to read up the info about this particular relationship on one article. What I mean about "déjà vu"... Personally, I have that feeling whenever I'm looking up relationship info on a character article on w:c:harrypotter; take the friendship between Harry and Hermione, the info on both pages would almost be mirroring, because, well, they are indeed describing the very same friendship; but where did I read what I thought I read? It would be hard to remember. It would be even harder if you had to constant update info for both articles. I take there's definitely a lot more to write about for the OTP of this fandom, so imagine how tiresome it would be to maintain both articles, and let's not forget while their biographies are under construction as well.

If you girls are okay with trying out this method, at least on both relationship sections of Juliette and Warner's articles, the {{main}} can then be used to point to the main article for their relationship, and if anybody wants to work on it, they'd know where to go, leaving their respective articles focusing on their bio and other aspect. Their supposedly personal gallery would then be clear of images of the couples, bringing more diversity to each page. Because honestly, imo, if you keep seeing the same info AND image over and over again on different pages, you'd really start to think the wiki is just a crap load of copy&paste on top of a crap load of copy&paste.

So there's that. Just to be perfectly clear, I'm NOT asking to start creating massive amount of relationship pages; I'm asking if it's alright to start working on 1 (Juliette and Warner), and see how that one turns out.

Please let me know what you girls think ASAP.

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• 5/20/2016

Whelp, I'm sure both of you are busy with your RL stuff but I'd still like your input on the matter; I've gone ahead and created Juliette and Warner combining material from both of the characters' articles, and obviously, if this series have some depth, the article would have a great room of improvement, so it's up to actual fans to work on it.

Also, I'm under the impression that Juliette and Adman is the other main ship going on in this series, so Ima do the same of the sunken ship.

• 6/9/2016

So we would have an article based on their ship? That's a good idea considering the series was very much based around characters' relationships. I finally have some more time now to help after school ended. One second, I'm checking out the new page.

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