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• 4/27/2016

Seemingly unnecessary "quote" images

This thread is for Admins User:Beeper100 and User:Aaron Warner-Perfection; please let me know what you girls think.

Please note that the below is NOT all the "quote" type images uploaded onto this wiki; it's not that I have a personal vendetta against images solely consist of text, I CAN appreciate when people do try to design and make the quotes pop out; however, the following images are the ones I really don't see the purpose of being "images" at all. Please view them first and then read my elaboration.

Why am I singling out those specific images? I have a few reasons, but I need to be clear that it has nothing to do with their content; I have not read the series, so whether or not those quote are important enough to be used on this wiki is up to you girls to decided. My reasons are:

  1. The image quality isn't particularly good to begin with; I dare say it'd actually be a bit easier to read if the same thing is presented with regular text.
  2. Using a fixed image limits the flexibility of the content:
    1. You cannot link keywords featured in the image quote to their respective pages on this wiki to prompt SEO.
    2. Image width is likewise fixed, if you adjust it, everything else (image height and consequently text-size) would be adjusted accordingly as well.
    3. References provided is better than none but still vague at best. Surely those books have something called CHAPTERS? Only putting up which book is from still doesn't narrow it down for readers if they wish to locate the quote and read them in their own copies.
  3. Those images basically do what {{quote}} is meant for; at first I thought it was because this wiki doesn't have this template, but it turns out there is, so it really makes them to have less reasons to be around. If you don't like the customization of the current template, you can always change it. It is doable to make it generate closely to those images, though I'm not even sure if you want the same color scheme as I personally don't think it looks relevant to this wiki.

To sum up what this discussion is about, I'd like you both to think about the following and get back to me:

  1. Are all the listed quotes above important? If so, WHERE are the appropriate places to incorporate them into the wiki? (Because so far, NONE of them are used, and are just sitting around the wiki like a pile of junk until I listed them here in this thread)
  2. Is it REALLY necessary to have those quotes presented in image files? Files most likely created by someone else that haven't been asked for sharing permission?

UPDATED: Besides the original set I provided, the following are a different kind I also found plain and not understanding why they couldn't be typed with regular text using the quote template.

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• 4/29/2016

To be honest, when I first came to the wiki, I think 25% of files were useless and 50% were duplicates of each other. I was meaning to delete those files, but deleting each one separately would take a painstakingly long time. I don't really know who uploaded these, but since you gathered the quote files all together on this post, I can delete them right now as long as Lyra is fine with it.

• 4/30/2016

NO Grace! Um, if you have time to do any adjustments, please do what I told you about on Goodreads regarding to fixing the gallery and artist credits.

I'm not sure why you wouldn't know who uploaded them, it's not exactly hidden information, it is always listed under the "File History" tab. Those quote images I've selected all happened to be uploaded by Lyra, so while you did answer half of my question, that I now know you personally think it's okay for them to be gone, but there's still the more important part; while you may not think they are needed as "images", what about the CONTENT? Are they actually at least good quotes that you would want to incorporate into articles?

Don't worry about doing the deleting, that is NOT why I'm asking your input. Like you said, we have to wait for Lyra's opinion anyways, but please focus on if the content of the quote is worth preserving.

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